Friday, March 11, 2011

How leaders "like contradicting the" get along with subordinates

Work will inevitably contradict with their subordinates encounter, how to handle relations with them is a science, handled irregularities, it is very likely to cause the relationship between the two sides come to an impasse, resulting in conflicts, and even intensify contradictions, thus affecting the work. But the leaders pay attention to strategy, you can properly handle the relationship between them, thus gaining their trust and support!

First, we must analyze its own contradicting the reasons see the oncoming force, the saying goes, "nothing goes to the temple does not" contradict with their subordinates are many reasons, and as a leader, to put aside its leadership profile, and objective cool-headed analysis. In general, the contradict several reasons, one reason for the leader, at work, leaders may inadvertently hurt the pride of a subordinate, or a specific work of a subordinate cause misunderstanding or at work, the performance leader leadership profile will be too obvious to make subordinates feel resentment leading to contradict. Second, the reasons for subordinates. Some personality reasons, born a "sharp tongue"; some are at home or elsewhere by the wronged no place to vent; some have their own ideas, good argument. Leaders In these cases, we must first lay down their leadership profile, self-reflection, careful look at your lack of impartiality when the next decision-making or not, whether the correct attitude in dealing with things fair, then that is empathy, leaders and subordinates in different positions, As a leader can not truly experience the subordinates of the circumstances, the empathy to their own ideology into the subordinate body, think about if I, what I would want the treatment, what kind of criticism will make me frankly accepted.

Secondly, the leaders try to calm the "spoken against subordinates" mood. Accept the leadership of their education and work to create favorable conditions. Subordinate statement carefully listen carefully, intense speech does not matter, for fear that he not speak, listen to the process, not cynical, if the trend of events will not be able to restore, at this time, subordinates often need a responsible leadership, leadership The seriously listen to their subordinates will be brought to the impression of a responsible, looking for a place to vent for a subordinate, the leader should not be too concerned about, and do not conflict with, please do not feel that your performance it is useless, it is your this "useless" You give the impression that subordinates will be little tolerance, "the prime minister stomach to pole a boat", in its calm down after the kind of rhetoric to persuade them to reduce the feelings of distance between you, thereby, achieve a multiplier effect the.

Finally, analyzing the reasons, to appease his good mood, the attitude of their staff and ideological problems also unknown, and the leader at this time would ease the rhetoric, made him change awareness, awareness-raising. Errors in the work of leaders and transaction processing defects, leading to admit mistakes and apologize; if subordinates misunderstanding, they should clarify the facts, to eliminate misunderstanding, not for their own irrational, should be based on facts; For home or other place subject to the wronged and the outlet of the subordinates, with their genuine concern to make it emotionally moving, make him think you are not just a leader, but a good friend of his life; to view one-sided or have incorrect ideas subordinates, explained in detail with him, based on facts, let him understand that the idea is good, but things need thoughtful consideration. That leaders should set a good example to contradict with their subordinates feel guilty. I believe this way, you handle the relationship between you and contradicting the subordinates will also be getting.

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