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How leaders "like contradicting the" get along with subordinates

Work will inevitably contradict with their subordinates encounter, how to handle relations with them is a science, handled irregularities, it is very likely to cause the relationship between the two sides come to an impasse, resulting in conflicts, and even intensify contradictions, thus affecting the work. But the leaders pay attention to strategy, you can properly handle the relationship between them, thus gaining their trust and support!

First, we must analyze its own contradicting the reasons see the oncoming force, the saying goes, "nothing goes to the temple does not" contradict with their subordinates are many reasons, and as a leader, to put aside its leadership profile, and objective cool-headed analysis. In general, the contradict several reasons, one reason for the leader, at work, leaders may inadvertently hurt the pride of a subordinate, or a specific work of a subordinate cause misunderstanding or at work, the performance leader leadership profile will be too obvious to make subordinates feel resentment leading to contradict. Second, the reasons for subordinates. Some personality reasons, born a "sharp tongue"; some are at home or elsewhere by the wronged no place to vent; some have their own ideas, good argument. Leaders In these cases, we must first lay down their leadership profile, self-reflection, careful look at your lack of impartiality when the next decision-making or not, whether the correct attitude in dealing with things fair, then that is empathy, leaders and subordinates in different positions, As a leader can not truly experience the subordinates of the circumstances, the empathy to their own ideology into the subordinate body, think about if I, what I would want the treatment, what kind of criticism will make me frankly accepted.

Secondly, the leaders try to calm the "spoken against subordinates" mood. Accept the leadership of their education and work to create favorable conditions. Subordinate statement carefully listen carefully, intense speech does not matter, for fear that he not speak, listen to the process, not cynical, if the trend of events will not be able to restore, at this time, subordinates often need a responsible leadership, leadership The seriously listen to their subordinates will be brought to the impression of a responsible, looking for a place to vent for a subordinate, the leader should not be too concerned about, and do not conflict with, please do not feel that your performance it is useless, it is your this "useless" You give the impression that subordinates will be little tolerance, "the prime minister stomach to pole a boat", in its calm down after the kind of rhetoric to persuade them to reduce the feelings of distance between you, thereby, achieve a multiplier effect the.

Finally, analyzing the reasons, to appease his good mood, the attitude of their staff and ideological problems also unknown, and the leader at this time would ease the rhetoric, made him change awareness, awareness-raising. Errors in the work of leaders and transaction processing defects, leading to admit mistakes and apologize; if subordinates misunderstanding, they should clarify the facts, to eliminate misunderstanding, not for their own irrational, should be based on facts; For home or other place subject to the wronged and the outlet of the subordinates, with their genuine concern to make it emotionally moving, make him think you are not just a leader, but a good friend of his life; to view one-sided or have incorrect ideas subordinates, explained in detail with him, based on facts, let him understand that the idea is good, but things need thoughtful consideration. That leaders should set a good example to contradict with their subordinates feel guilty. I believe this way, you handle the relationship between you and contradicting the subordinates will also be getting.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

On the centralized accounting

[Abstract] the role of centralized accounting of how much in the end, through the operation of more than a year, I believe that more harm than good, is only open to question.

Nowadays in many areas of the Budget Unit centralized accounting and expectations high, as if to increase revenue, corruption, standardizing accounting behavior of a panacea, is it?

- The centralized accounting of the mass

Accounting is to use specialized methods to currency units, on the economic balance for a period of time to conduct assessment calculations, movement of funds to the results of comparative analysis. In other words, assessment purposes of the calculation of capital movement in order to contrast the results. As the name suggests, centralized accounting is calculated through the examination, concentrated reflection and comparative analysis of the results of the budget unit of capital movement. Currently carrying centralized accounting functions accounting center of each budget unit to calculate not only the movement of funds analysis, could not be called a true accounting, it is at best a bookkeeper. But given the financial, auditing, finance, and so special administrative rights.

Second, the positive role of Centralized Accounting

Centralized accounting is one of the financial system a new initiative is to adapt to the economic situation and development of new attempts, in all respects have some positive effects.

(A) centralized accounting help control the expenditure of funds, standardized accounting practices, to ensure the veracity of the financial capital expenditures. After the implementation of centralized accounting, the budget unit centralized bank account to the accounting center, also does not allow setting up another account. This was first done to all units in the financial control of all expenditures are under the grip of financial capital movements and the balances to ensure that funds earmarked to effectively prevent misappropriation of funds of the phenomenon. Second, put an end to the loan bank accounts of all units to account for the possibility of illegal activities. Moreover, by unifying the accounting methods and audit forms, on the expenditure items, the checks are rigorous audit to ensure the authenticity of accounting information is beneficial to the analysis of horizontal and vertical contrast.

(B) from the eradication of corruption, and promote anti-corruption units. Corruption are conducted from the capital campaign. The centralized accounting is to conduct a comprehensive monitoring throughout the capital campaign for the expenses to be unreasonable and unlawful refusal to curb corruption, reach the anti-corruption purpose. Centre for accounting and accountants not affiliated with various budget units, excluding man-made disturbances, making a more fair and rigorous review. Review of expenditures through the timely detection of false invoices, false expenses, abuse of power and other improper expenditure of the act, to ensure the safety of funds and expenditure of authenticity. But such reasoning, due to the complexity of the situation and the diversity of corruption is still not fully confirmed in practice.

(C) of the unified accounting standards for the caliber and expenses, the real benefit and reliable accounting information. As a result of the budget to the accounting officers of different quality, different levels of business, economic status, resulting in a unit of accounting differences between and benefits on inequality. Through centralized accounting, auditing standards and expenditure unified standards, including costs, benefits, travel benefits, communications and transportation subsidies, etc., on the same starting line, especially on some units encounter "red light" pass go to eliminate the practice. Also contain a number of units effectively hidden extra-budgetary revenue, junk money and, eating and drinking and other illegal acts, and the elimination of the ILO, the gap between units. The financial provisions to ensure implementation.

Third, the evils of centralized accounting

Everything has two sides, centralized accounting, too. Run under the real situation, centralized accounting the positive role played by a limited, but highlights the unreasonable side. To bring a lot of accounting malpractice.

(A) a waste of human resources accounting. After the implementation of centralized accounting, the accounting center replaces the budget of the accounting organizations, accounting personnel and accounting positions, so that a large number engaged in accounting work for many years, experienced and highly qualified accounting personnel left the accounting positions and instead engage in other work , its operational expertise should not play. And because the limitations of the work of the accounting center, not familiar with the interior of each unit, some accountants accounting business still remain in the theory, or engage in accounting work short time, the business depth and breadth has not been well the study and development, some errors should not result in processing accounting operations, preparation of statements of accounting units still need to be checked and amended so that the necessary data is not timely, accurate accounting of the main unit provided. This has resulted in withdrawal of all units of accounting bodies had not, do not withdraw inappropriate dilemma. Not only increased the financially fed personnel, but also so that each of the accounting staff at the idle state.

(B) the procedure complicated and efficiency is not high. The fiscal budget unit is funded under the provisions of the approved financial sector, the expenditure should be all right, and business units in accordance with state regulations to determine progress. Working procedures in accordance with the accounting center, the first amount of the approved units of money, and transferred to the small unit to open bank accounts with the section, expenditure within this limit. After spending units to bring evidence to review the accounting center reimbursement, and reimbursement of small amounts of money transferred to the unit account, and then click the cycle. Like business accounting system in the reserve fund. However, often because of the special economic activity accounting center refused to reimburse, the funds can not be put in place, work must stop. If litigation deposit, an economic dispute, the invoice can not come back in time and expenditure of such large amounts of artificial another approval hurdle. Therefore, centralized accounting of financial flows is more complicated and a lot of money stuck in the accounting center. Even with centralized treasury payment system, its functions are not necessary to pay the accounting center through the "secondary" to achieve.

(C) contrary to the "Accounting Law." In accordance with the "Accounting Law" provides that each unit should have an independent budget and accounting personnel the accounting bodies. However, centralized accounting system that required all units cancel an accountant and accounting staff positions, leaving only the reimbursement of individual members. So, by law the responsibilities of various units, rights, gone, leaving only the obligation not to help mobilize the enthusiasm of all the management units. Accounting Center is not the budget of the accounting bodies, more than accounting entity, reimbursement accounting staff is not mandatory denial of the accounting functions, which in itself is the "Accounting Law" in conflict, not to mention centralized accounting focus only on the macro-management overlooked the role of micro-management, for financial management is not comprehensive.

(D) lost Internal oversight mechanisms. Internal Accounting Supervision, the key is supervision. Centralized accounting, the abolition of the accounting responsibilities of the various budget units, units in a non-billing, not to account for the state, capital efficiency will be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, the unit's accounting personnel of the unit's economic operations and the origin of funds is very familiar with the role of supervision also the most direct and effective. Internal accounting supervision is the economic and business activities of the unit specification and perfection, to prevent accounting errors and found that the personnel practices, and improve the quality of accounting work, and truly play the role of economic policy-making staff. Withdrawal of all units of accounting personnel, lost its most powerful oversight, increasing the risk of financial resources.

(E) loss of competition in the financial markets orderly. We all know that financial markets not only reflect the market barometer of economic prosperity, but also embodies the national macro-economic management operation results. This should rely on the quality of service, credibility to win the trust of customers of financial institutions, have to be allocated by the central accounting tasks, how many little taste of the planned economy.

Improve accounting, on the community to provide reliable information, the financial sector and the budget is consistent with the requirements of units, together with the need to complete, rather than the centralized accounting thriving. If the unit has the accounting bodies and bank accounts to provide a convenience for the corruption, it is unscientific, it is not objective, this hat is heavy exposure to the accounting staff can not. Make the accounting work better, the key is to improve the legal system and abide by the law to form and check each other's supervisory system, not against the law in Taiwan.

In short, centralized accounting more harm than good.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Economic Observer: Why choose Hong Kong-listed Alibaba

At 17 o'clock on the July 27, 2007, Alibaba B2B companies to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Committee of the listing application submitted for the first time.

The sources of the news from Hong Kong soon to be Alibaba Group Jack Ma, chairman and group chief financial officer Cai Chongxin at 28 pm Alibaba Hangzhou Dragon Stadium was confirmed six months.

Them to the presence of more than 6,000 new and old employees that will start Alibaba B2B listing process in Hong Kong. Remark, the audience boiling, which means that more than 6,000 employees of the dream coming true, they almost all will have a firm option.

Industry generally believe that Alibaba B2B business listing, expected to be the largest ever Hong Kong stock market technology stocks.

New York VS Hong Kong

Earlier this year, Alibaba's headquarters in Hangzhou City, China Venture Star Road, Building 99, the "listing" is the key words.

Sources said that in April, the company was selected as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the two lead underwriters, commissioned by the British investment bank Rothschild Inc. acted as financial advisor, I begin to evaluate the listed sites, mainly in the Nasdaq and HKEx to choose between.

Allegedly part of the share capital of Alibaba hope that listed a relatively small amount of total capital. Therefore, the final choice of listing venue, Ma said, "Which exchange may depend on Alibaba plans to be more tolerant."

Alibaba insiders, into shares related to employee options program is also due to Hong Kong or New York listing is different, because the payment options in different ways, into shares in the United States does not need, in Hong Kong is required. Since its inception 8 years Alibaba China, has several large-scale grant options to employees.

Alibaba chose Hong Kong.

The next two to three months, Alibaba will gradually submit relevant legal documents, and to accept the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

If successfully listed, Alibaba will refresh the Chinese Internet company in overseas markets recorded the highest fund-raising, while the history of the Hong Kong stock market is expected to become the largest technology stocks.

Alibaba listing if the fruition of it to sell 15% stake in Alibaba to raise 10 billion dollars. Alibaba B2B market value may reach 60 billion dollars, with profit in sight of Taobao and Alipay, Alibaba Group, the market value of the whole will be more than 10 billion U.S. dollars or even incalculable.

B2B charge

April 2007, Alibaba Group, the total separation, and preliminary plans to have the most clear Alibaba B2B business listing in the business for 7 years by Fortune magazine as one of the world's best B2B website.

"We are the largest ever carried out an adjustment. Alibaba in 2007 will be the year to change the world." Ma held in early 2007 at the annual meeting vehemently.

Industry estimates, Alibaba B2B revenue in 2006 should be around 1.5 billion -20 billion yuan, than the next nine B2B turnover combined.

Alibaba B2B president, said Wei, Alibaba's gross margin should be above the average industry profit margins. Completed almost simultaneously in split, Alibaba announced the recruitment of 2,001 new employees. Wei, the new government took office, to open up these new employees assigned to Alibaba, Beijing, Sichuan, Harbin and other places, build a new model of the user experience and customer service center.

"Bring the experience from the traditional business is only available chain management." David Wei said. From traditional business experience also includes business unit structure of the reconstruction, re-establish the importance of large buyers, and overseas markets.

June 9, Alibaba and China Construction Bank jointly to the four "good faith through" business paid 120 million of loans. This is the first time the importance of network transaction based credit unsecured loans.

This means that Alibaba strategic restructuring. "This year, we are partners, all the services the needs of SMEs will be achieved gradually Alibaba platform." SMEs that want to form a symbiotic ecosystem prosperity.

Army Reserve

After splitting the Alibaba Group,, Taobao, Yahoo, Paypal, Ali, software independent, each company is responsible for the implementation of the system president to set up a separate holding company board of directors report. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group, as Chairman of the Board and the chairman of the board.

Ma seeks to achieve the ambitious Alibaba to become the world's best strategic objective of e-commerce platform, has been "willing" to new strategies for loss of business in the state, and convinced that the most urgent task is to "do the scale." This strategy has been the president of Yahoo China, Ming evaluation as "big house large enough."

Analysys International's data show that in 2006 Q4, the company was accounting for 68% of China's B2B market share. Currently, trading platform, Alibaba buyers mainly from Europe, North America and Japan; seller comes from mainland China suppliers. Alibaba hope that greater efforts to develop overseas buyers.

Last year, the company was acquired Chengdu network structure company, invested in word of mouth network.

After the listing and financing, Alibaba will acquire and expand business go further.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with Linspire CEO maverick sorts?

Different from other Linux distributions, Linspire desktop operating system market, specializing in, pre-installed Quick Time, DVD and even Windows Media and other proprietary software, only the popular desktop environment KDE. These practices can be described as maverick. The company's president and CEO Kevin Carmony has interviewed about the reasons for Linspire did so, and look the Linux development prospects of the next few years.

1) as the new CEO of Linspire, you will change the company's development direction?

Not only will it not. Linspire is steadily growing and learning and development, striving to do better. As the first employee and president of the company, I have a great impact in Linspire. At the same time, the company will continue to Linspire Chairman Michael Robertson at the helm.

2) Do you use Linspire, spent a long period?

I now only use Linspire, used for three years. In my office one desktop machine at home a few desktop machines, as well as travel with the IBM ThinkPad notebook, which are run Linspire Five-O. Founded four years ago, I began to try to use Linux, but found it difficult to use. Linux support for hardware too little, lack of applications that I need. Linspire efforts to resolve these problems, install a variety of open source software such as Nvu, Lsongs, Lphoto, Firefox and Now I can do what I want to use Linux for all. Sometimes see the other Linux distributors of high-level notebook with a Windows operating system installed, I was very surprised. Even if I left tomorrow, Linspire, and will not go with the Windows operating system.

3) Most of the major Linux distributors (Red Hat, Novell SuSE, Mandriva and Debian) have chosen an open development model. They provide full-release version of open source or free software. The Linspire operating mode a bit like Apple, the core operating system is free software, and other software belongs to private. Suppose I am a system administrator, to the deployment of GNU / Linux, then why should I choose a number of sales by distribution?

Linspire is one of the main supporters of the open source movement, much of our work is open, we always put the code back to the appropriate community ( However, we must not only meet the developers or the open source movement's supporters, but also to meet customer needs. This is why Linspire supports many proprietary software, such as Java, Flash, Quick Time, Real Media, MP3, DVD and even Windows Media. Let the iPod and throw away all the users DVD player, listen to OGG music format is not realistic. Really invest in the user can replace proprietary software prior to the embrace of open source solutions, Linspire will continue to support these popular software. Computer expert can themselves download and install these things, but our ordinary computer users will want a good Linspire pre-installed the software.

I think that Microsoft's Windows operating system and the expensive free Linux operating system between these two extremes, there is a large market space. Each industry has its cheap products, the software industry is no exception. Microsoft used monopoly for many years to reap huge profits, now they tend to balance the other extreme - a free Linux distribution. But in a free market, the final balance will still balance in the middle of an appropriate price.

4) Linspire is only one unique preferred KDE. Mentioned above, there are many other major release of GTK + applications, such as Red Hat and Novell SuSE's default desktop is GNOME. Linspire has considered support both KDE and GNOME?

We chose KDE because it is the interface for our target user is very comfortable and very familiar with. We are very pleased with this decision, and was pleased to see the development momentum of KDE better than GNOME. However, we also support such as GAIM GTK + applications. We just want the best design as the default desktop, like the other software if the user can freely choose from the CNR Warehouse.

When we began developing Linspire, everyone tried to persuade us to use RPM package management system, said Red Hat, SuSE, and Mandrake all use it. However, we found that RPM technology is not perfect and can not meet our needs, we will use Debian's package management. This is a very wise choice, this technology can meet our needs.

5) Linspire Five-O is installed to improve over the Classic Mozilla Suite, Firefox plus Thunderbird instead of the Linspire Internet Suite. Why do this?

Mozilla has done a 200 of our many improvements, such as spell checking, "Hot Words" (keywords), MailMinder so. All of these new features are back to the Mozilla development community, will appear in the Firefox version in. Linspire will later dress up Firefox, but after improvements are stable Mozilla suite to give our users a better experience.

6) Based on Mozilla Composer WYSIWYG Web page authoring software Nvu is your company a very interesting item. Do you think the next few years, its development prospects?

Nvu web page to fill the Linux platform development tool, blank. Windows users have Frontpage and Dreamweaver are available, but Linux has no similar software in the past. Nvu project there is to fill this gap. It is now very popular, we are pleased it is now developing so well. But Nvu still considerable room for improvement, so Nvu Linspire will continue to make substantial investments in future versions.

7) Linspire the other two best-known free software should be Lsongs and Lphoto. Their names and interface with the iLife suite of Apple iTunes and iPhoto are very similar, they are not the future there will be more similar to the function? Will there be a similar future and iMovie software?

We have developed a similar video management procedures.

8) If I want to upgrade an entire department to deploy and Linspire. That there is no automatic deployment of the tool?

Use CNR (click and run) and CNR Aisles, very easy to manage and upgrade Linspire. Next month the company will introduce more details about Linspire Professional, it can remotely manage the desktop.

9) Linspire server version is still a blank, then you will fill the gap?

Linspire of focusing on the desktop operating system. We do not release the server version of the plan. Red Hat, Novell and other publishers to do a very good server version. We only monograph in the desktop operating system. But I often heard someone on the server running Linspire, CNR and they like CNR Aisles, they make server configuration and maintenance of change is very simple.

10) Red Hat and Novell have long-term enterprise solution provides the technical support. Linspire is not also provide long-term support?

Yes. We have more than CNR Warehouse, so it is easy to maintain legacy versions. The past is not important to us, but as we launch enterprise version, we should address this issue.

11) is now the cheapest Apple only sell 499 U.S. dollars, pre-installed Windows operating system, Dell computers sell for less. Do you think that promote the sale of GNU / Linux more and more challenging?

As long as Microsoft's Windows operating system sold to OEM manufacturers of high prices than Linspire from 60 to 100 U.S. dollars, our prices even more easy for users to accept. If the sale of 99 U.S. dollars Dell computer, it pre-installed Linux computer prices will be cheaper.

12) What do you think GNU / Linux's biggest weakness is what? Solution?

Education. The reason Microsoft holds monopoly not because of technology, but because the concept of the user. Over the years, there has been only one option that the operating system, and that is Microsoft Windows. Now, with Linux, users have new options. Every time I fly, the people will sit next to me, installed Linspire on my laptop is very interested in asking questions of. I did a brief presentation, they want to try Linspire.

13) Linux was the main force that?

Linux cheaper than Windows, stability, security. But it is accessible prices to win customers favor the main reason. But the ultimate decisive factor is not price, users will find that Linux used the magic of the future.

14) You think that Linspire and GNU / Linux in the next two to five years ahead?

Linux desktop will be achieved within two years of development in the critical point, in five years will account for 10% of the market.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tear down the horse-tert-break "AION" Legend of the strongest NPC

Mozu the most fulfilling thing most worthy of showing off what? Away all Ou Bisi fortress, pulling down the captain or trampled to death chiefs? NO, OUT of those already. Now whenever there is ambition there is new blood in the Mozu goal is - Down with Maximus!

Who is Maximus?

Maximus is the day within the village, ethnic 鍥犵壒灏旇拏鍗″挨 Prosi grocery store business, a lackluster look of the NPC, a twinkling of an eye to see how many times can forget the face. However, after the village butcher Mozu was surprised to find many, Wow, this is actually a hidden Boss!!

Allegedly Mozu have been mobilized over the preparation of the four full-class troops to push Maximus, Maximus one all the results are overturned. And horse-tert-than in the past played a world-class Boss is simply a vegetable! So Ma Shucheng the Mozu the broken heart, tear down the whole Mozu Ma Shucheng a long time since Final Fantasy.

As we all know, the blood of NPC Aion Article icon divided into normal, elite, heroic, epic four grades, from the blood shall accurately determine the icon is usually the strength of the NPC. Article icon in the blood of the general NPC over the first three. As a grocery store merchant Maximus clearly belongs to ordinary kind, but why Mozuqingli out failed to overthrow him?

According to the credibility of the "?" The grapevine said the true identity of Uncle Ma most likely days ago Rentian Jun clan chief, and later because of unknown reasons, the horse retired hermit uncle pastoral, in Yinteerdi Card Youpuluoxi start small trading within the village.

Tert-depth engagement with Ma

Uncle to tear down the horse, it is necessary to understand the depth of his combat effectiveness. Tert-known horses have five skills:

Huyou: hidden strength to fight their rivals to lure the purpose;

Natural Armor: combined with nature, to enhance their passive defense capabilities;

Lightning traction: how high before the unit itself to the front of traction;

Thunder Fury: 5M of its own multiple units within the crushing blow;

Pursued: tottering foe shall chase, will the uprooted.

From the skills we know, is truly a diamond in the rough horse-tert-master, we see "normal" blood level article that he "Fudge" skills to us that the false attack. The group is able to pull group to kill completely disrupt the enemy's ground, a devastating blow.

And the horse had ever Mozu tert against compatriots still lingering fear on that incident, he said, few people took an instant horse dragged Uncle before the tragic death of an instant 45 Magic Way, was affected by the guardian would like to sing although not by spike , but one-third of the blood space. Ma uncle does not know how many defense and HP, were concentrated artillery bombardment, had survived.

Since then, the day was Mozu NPC clan known as the "grocery Superman" Ma Shu. Uncle customized for the horse knocked Raiders are still being studied so far, because no matter how careful can not be overcome with the name of the day before yesterday that the military commander. Perhaps in the future Aion open higher level, Mozu be possible to tear down the Ma Shu, windy 鍥犵壒灏旇拏鍗?

Days, the strongest guardian of the family

Mozu nightmare Ma Shu, on the day of family in terms of a sense of security is the most powerful guardian. He was silent inside, and never make the shot, only days before his compatriots by the enemy clan attacked before he drew his sword assistance. His determination and strong, is the day of ethnic pride, is the day the military guardians goal.


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Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 Collection 19 novice typing results

Popular titles ending subtitles there is a typing effect. DV film in order to highlight some of the background or explanation at the end, the subtitles will use typed effect.

This would explain the effect of the production process of typing.

There are two basic methods of typing results. One is the form of pull-screen, subtitles from the direction of writing quickly shown that this method is usually multi-line subtitles. Another is stressing each syllable to every word out of the effect of this method high degree of verisimilitude, much like the real typing results. Disadvantage is the complexity of production, usually small in number of words results in the single title.

Multi-line subtitling

Create a new project file VEGAS, establishing seven video tracks and one audio track. Audio tracks to put background music, can change as needed. The following diagram is produced after completion of the multi-line subtitles video track diagram.

Video track 1: Using a plain black mask on the subtitles in the overall multi-layer transparent fade settings.

Video track 2 to 5: multi-line typing results, typing each line occupied by a video track, 4 lines occupy four video tracks.

Video track 6 ~ 7: in the previous section introduced the practice of the dynamic flame generated by the dynamic wave. Using the picture-rail wave concentrated expression of the mask to the central part of the screen.

Audio track 8: Background Music.

This section focuses on the effect of multi-type production line subtitles. First, drag the video track 2, a transparent subtitles. Then enter the multi-line subtitles. The end of each line press the Enter to begin a new line. Set the font and size, while watching the preview window, pay attention to output.

Subtitle set. Copy this multi-line captions to the video track 3,4,5. Behind the form by dragging the mouse to adjust the playing time has subtitles.

Back to the video track 2, subtitling to. Subtitles in the video track 2, click on EVENT PAN / CROP button. Open subtitles EVENT PAN / CROP Properties Settings dialog box. As shown below.


Marked as a part of the MATION ASPECT RATIO and STRETCH TO FILL FRAME deselect the previous selection box. Select box to remove the original marker. CTRIL + ALT and then press and hold the mouse while dragging the edge of the screen properties as shown in Plate 2. At this point shows that the first line box align subtitles the first word. But this time the preview screen there should be no subtitles. Then the first line of subtitles is expected to fully display the time point double-click the timeline. As shown in Figure 3. Add a key frame control point. Right-click the new key frame. Key frame in this tag appears in a concentric diamond-shaped small diamond. At this time choose to edit the key frame points above. While holding down the CTRIL + ALT Drag the edge to the first line of the subtitle display full display. As shown below.

Results show that the first line of this production finished typing. The second line to the fourth line production method of the same title. Display position is adjusted to increase the key frame, then adjust the display position. Such lines of text are displayed from left to right. 3,4,5 video track while the display time for each line of text starting points are staggered backward. This title is a line by line to ensure the show, rather than each line captions are also displayed.

Simple talk about the background to make way typing subtitles. In accordance with the method described in the previous section to generate a dynamic wave effect. Select color wave blue tones. Placed in the video track 7. 6 to place a video track elliptical transparent mask. Press the video track 7 button front mask synthesis, video picture-rail track formation mask 6,7 relationship. In the instance of the screen can be seen in the middle of flashing the Mountain of Mountain of waves.

Thus multiple lines of typing results produced subtitles. Subtitle the reasonable control of the display time for each line, showing very good results.

Single real effect of the fine production of typing

Project in VEGAS add a video track and one audio track. Need to use a previously prepared the WAV file type button. VEGAS can import a lot of audio file formats, WMA, MP3 and so on can be directly imported to use.

In the video track titles to add a transparent, open captioning content regulation properties (that is, the contents of the Properties dialog box enter the title)

In the time line in accordance with the standard number of words and add the key frame points (double-click the mouse on the timeline), the first keyframe blank key frame from the second start typing subtitles content. Enter a word every time, so that the entire key frame to the last line of subtitles input end. Drag the mouse around the control point for each key frame can be adjusted, "typing speed." Then pull the mouse in the time line of a rectangle to select all of the key frame control point. Press the right mouse button, select the right menu of "HOLD" transitional forms. At this point all critical control points into a brown frame. That way the transition has changed. Close the Properties dialog box. This type of video effect has completed.

The typing results for the complete video section, the typing copy audio files in many copies of the timeline. And enter the number exactly the same number of characters. According to the preview window and then typing results generated at the time of each character into a typing sound. Sound a little earlier than the video display, but can not be delayed. After this fine adjustment after typing audio and video display on a close match up. In order to adjust the time to see, you can pull the time line following the mouse sliding adjustment block edge, enlarge the time line of the smallest display units. Can show to a minimum of time. Sufficient to meet the needs of any precise time positioning.

Fine typing results thus completed.

To edit the luminescence in the future misuse affects audio effects, audio line in all of the audio material is selected and then lock the material. This is done, click on the audio track first audio material. Press the right, select the SELECT EVENTS TO END option. This material after all the tracks have been selected. Then again press the right mouse button, select the switch in the LOCK SWITCHES options. This track can lock all the material. For the same video track operation.

Such results have produced two kinds of typing. Actually editors can select as a way to make.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 Cheats bit through (c)

Second, powerful Web image creation

Read the Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 compelling look after you already gearing up to try it out? (It is this quest for knowledge of the feeling ah), but Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 can be described as pregnant with a lot of stunts, which first introduced an organization called a gum tree leaf in autumn, Oh, as a network graphics processing software, or talk about it a powerful Web graphics production capabilities it.

Using Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 image production function, can be:

1. Accurate image segmentation - segmentation tools used to create complex tables.

2. Cell image replacement - easy to merge still images and animation.

3. The background color and images - for a cell or table background color or image specified.

4. Animation Control - change the animation settings.

1.WEB image segmentation

Your web page placed large image, the image segmentation is usually a large image into multiple parts for easy way. This might not make these images to download faster (and possibly counter-productive, to be controversial), but can easily display the scene. In fact, the smaller the image block is usually the first show, so you can quickly make a little preview of the image (or at least part of the image), is clearly better than just a large image. The advantage is also the location specified in the image created on mouseover (mouseovers means that when the mouse over the image occurs when the corresponding events). Using Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0, both the static image, or animated GIF images can be easily cut accurately.

The following to create a hotspot introduced the winners of pictures, click the picture on behalf of some of the winners of the location can be introduced into the appropriate details page.

The first: to be cut open an image.

Second: Click the Workspace tab in the cutting mode button (or press F3 shortcut) to switch to the cutting mode.

Figure 004: Image cutting mode

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