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The Economic Observer: Why choose Hong Kong-listed Alibaba

At 17 o'clock on the July 27, 2007, Alibaba B2B companies to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Committee of the listing application submitted for the first time.

The sources of the news from Hong Kong soon to be Alibaba Group Jack Ma, chairman and group chief financial officer Cai Chongxin at 28 pm Alibaba Hangzhou Dragon Stadium was confirmed six months.

Them to the presence of more than 6,000 new and old employees that will start Alibaba B2B listing process in Hong Kong. Remark, the audience boiling, which means that more than 6,000 employees of the dream coming true, they almost all will have a firm option.

Industry generally believe that Alibaba B2B business listing, expected to be the largest ever Hong Kong stock market technology stocks.

New York VS Hong Kong

Earlier this year, Alibaba's headquarters in Hangzhou City, China Venture Star Road, Building 99, the "listing" is the key words.

Sources said that in April, the company was selected as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the two lead underwriters, commissioned by the British investment bank Rothschild Inc. acted as financial advisor, I begin to evaluate the listed sites, mainly in the Nasdaq and HKEx to choose between.

Allegedly part of the share capital of Alibaba hope that listed a relatively small amount of total capital. Therefore, the final choice of listing venue, Ma said, "Which exchange may depend on Alibaba plans to be more tolerant."

Alibaba insiders, into shares related to employee options program is also due to Hong Kong or New York listing is different, because the payment options in different ways, into shares in the United States does not need, in Hong Kong is required. Since its inception 8 years Alibaba China, Alibaba.com has several large-scale grant options to employees.

Alibaba chose Hong Kong.

The next two to three months, Alibaba will gradually submit relevant legal documents, and to accept the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

If successfully listed, Alibaba will refresh the Chinese Internet company in overseas markets recorded the highest fund-raising, while the history of the Hong Kong stock market is expected to become the largest technology stocks.

Alibaba listing if the fruition of it to sell 15% stake in Alibaba to raise 10 billion dollars. Alibaba B2B market value may reach 60 billion dollars, with profit in sight of Taobao and Alipay, Alibaba Group, the market value of the whole will be more than 10 billion U.S. dollars or even incalculable.

B2B charge

April 2007, Alibaba Group, the total separation, and preliminary plans to have the most clear Alibaba B2B business listing in the business for 7 years by Fortune magazine as one of the world's best B2B website.

"We are the largest ever carried out an adjustment. Alibaba in 2007 will be the year to change the world." Ma held in early 2007 at the annual meeting vehemently.

Industry estimates, Alibaba B2B revenue in 2006 should be around 1.5 billion -20 billion yuan, than the next nine B2B turnover combined.

Alibaba B2B president, said Wei, Alibaba's gross margin should be above the average industry profit margins. Completed almost simultaneously in split, Alibaba announced the recruitment of 2,001 new employees. Wei, the new government took office, to open up these new employees assigned to Alibaba, Beijing, Sichuan, Harbin and other places, build a new model of the user experience and customer service center.

"Bring the experience from the traditional business is only available chain management." David Wei said. From traditional business experience also includes business unit structure of the reconstruction, re-establish the importance of large buyers, and overseas markets.

June 9, Alibaba and China Construction Bank jointly to the four "good faith through" business paid 120 million of loans. This is the first time the importance of network transaction based credit unsecured loans.

This means that Alibaba strategic restructuring. "This year, we are partners, all the services the needs of SMEs will be achieved gradually Alibaba platform." SMEs that want to form a symbiotic ecosystem prosperity.

Army Reserve

After splitting the Alibaba Group, Alibaba.com, Taobao, Yahoo, Paypal, Ali, software independent, each company is responsible for the implementation of the system president to set up a separate holding company board of directors report. Jack Ma, Alibaba Group, as Chairman of the Board and the chairman of the board.

Ma seeks to achieve the ambitious Alibaba to become the world's best strategic objective of e-commerce platform, has been "willing" to new strategies for loss of business in the state, and convinced that the most urgent task is to "do the scale." This strategy has been the president of Yahoo China, Ming evaluation as "big house large enough."

Analysys International's data show that in 2006 Q4, the company was accounting for 68% of China's B2B market share. Currently, trading platform, Alibaba buyers mainly from Europe, North America and Japan; seller comes from mainland China suppliers. Alibaba hope that greater efforts to develop overseas buyers.

Last year, the company was acquired Chengdu network structure company, invested in word of mouth network.

After the listing and financing, Alibaba will acquire and expand business go further.

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