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Interview with Linspire CEO maverick sorts?

Different from other Linux distributions, Linspire desktop operating system market, specializing in, pre-installed Quick Time, DVD and even Windows Media and other proprietary software, only the popular desktop environment KDE. These practices can be described as maverick. The company's president and CEO Kevin Carmony has interviewed about the reasons for Linspire did so, and look the Linux development prospects of the next few years.

1) as the new CEO of Linspire, you will change the company's development direction?

Not only will it not. Linspire is steadily growing and learning and development, striving to do better. As the first employee and president of the company, I have a great impact in Linspire. At the same time, the company will continue to Linspire Chairman Michael Robertson at the helm.

2) Do you use Linspire, spent a long period?

I now only use Linspire, used for three years. In my office one desktop machine at home a few desktop machines, as well as travel with the IBM ThinkPad notebook, which are run Linspire Five-O. Founded four years ago, I began to try to use Linux, but found it difficult to use. Linux support for hardware too little, lack of applications that I need. Linspire efforts to resolve these problems, install a variety of open source software such as Nvu, Lsongs, Lphoto, Firefox and Now I can do what I want to use Linux for all. Sometimes see the other Linux distributors of high-level notebook with a Windows operating system installed, I was very surprised. Even if I left tomorrow, Linspire, and will not go with the Windows operating system.

3) Most of the major Linux distributors (Red Hat, Novell SuSE, Mandriva and Debian) have chosen an open development model. They provide full-release version of open source or free software. The Linspire operating mode a bit like Apple, the core operating system is free software, and other software belongs to private. Suppose I am a system administrator, to the deployment of GNU / Linux, then why should I choose a number of sales by distribution?

Linspire is one of the main supporters of the open source movement, much of our work is open, we always put the code back to the appropriate community ( However, we must not only meet the developers or the open source movement's supporters, but also to meet customer needs. This is why Linspire supports many proprietary software, such as Java, Flash, Quick Time, Real Media, MP3, DVD and even Windows Media. Let the iPod and throw away all the users DVD player, listen to OGG music format is not realistic. Really invest in the user can replace proprietary software prior to the embrace of open source solutions, Linspire will continue to support these popular software. Computer expert can themselves download and install these things, but our ordinary computer users will want a good Linspire pre-installed the software.

I think that Microsoft's Windows operating system and the expensive free Linux operating system between these two extremes, there is a large market space. Each industry has its cheap products, the software industry is no exception. Microsoft used monopoly for many years to reap huge profits, now they tend to balance the other extreme - a free Linux distribution. But in a free market, the final balance will still balance in the middle of an appropriate price.

4) Linspire is only one unique preferred KDE. Mentioned above, there are many other major release of GTK + applications, such as Red Hat and Novell SuSE's default desktop is GNOME. Linspire has considered support both KDE and GNOME?

We chose KDE because it is the interface for our target user is very comfortable and very familiar with. We are very pleased with this decision, and was pleased to see the development momentum of KDE better than GNOME. However, we also support such as GAIM GTK + applications. We just want the best design as the default desktop, like the other software if the user can freely choose from the CNR Warehouse.

When we began developing Linspire, everyone tried to persuade us to use RPM package management system, said Red Hat, SuSE, and Mandrake all use it. However, we found that RPM technology is not perfect and can not meet our needs, we will use Debian's package management. This is a very wise choice, this technology can meet our needs.

5) Linspire Five-O is installed to improve over the Classic Mozilla Suite, Firefox plus Thunderbird instead of the Linspire Internet Suite. Why do this?

Mozilla has done a 200 of our many improvements, such as spell checking, "Hot Words" (keywords), MailMinder so. All of these new features are back to the Mozilla development community, will appear in the Firefox version in. Linspire will later dress up Firefox, but after improvements are stable Mozilla suite to give our users a better experience.

6) Based on Mozilla Composer WYSIWYG Web page authoring software Nvu is your company a very interesting item. Do you think the next few years, its development prospects?

Nvu web page to fill the Linux platform development tool, blank. Windows users have Frontpage and Dreamweaver are available, but Linux has no similar software in the past. Nvu project there is to fill this gap. It is now very popular, we are pleased it is now developing so well. But Nvu still considerable room for improvement, so Nvu Linspire will continue to make substantial investments in future versions.

7) Linspire the other two best-known free software should be Lsongs and Lphoto. Their names and interface with the iLife suite of Apple iTunes and iPhoto are very similar, they are not the future there will be more similar to the function? Will there be a similar future and iMovie software?

We have developed a similar video management procedures.

8) If I want to upgrade an entire department to deploy and Linspire. That there is no automatic deployment of the tool?

Use CNR (click and run) and CNR Aisles, very easy to manage and upgrade Linspire. Next month the company will introduce more details about Linspire Professional, it can remotely manage the desktop.

9) Linspire server version is still a blank, then you will fill the gap?

Linspire of focusing on the desktop operating system. We do not release the server version of the plan. Red Hat, Novell and other publishers to do a very good server version. We only monograph in the desktop operating system. But I often heard someone on the server running Linspire, CNR and they like CNR Aisles, they make server configuration and maintenance of change is very simple.

10) Red Hat and Novell have long-term enterprise solution provides the technical support. Linspire is not also provide long-term support?

Yes. We have more than CNR Warehouse, so it is easy to maintain legacy versions. The past is not important to us, but as we launch enterprise version, we should address this issue.

11) is now the cheapest Apple only sell 499 U.S. dollars, pre-installed Windows operating system, Dell computers sell for less. Do you think that promote the sale of GNU / Linux more and more challenging?

As long as Microsoft's Windows operating system sold to OEM manufacturers of high prices than Linspire from 60 to 100 U.S. dollars, our prices even more easy for users to accept. If the sale of 99 U.S. dollars Dell computer, it pre-installed Linux computer prices will be cheaper.

12) What do you think GNU / Linux's biggest weakness is what? Solution?

Education. The reason Microsoft holds monopoly not because of technology, but because the concept of the user. Over the years, there has been only one option that the operating system, and that is Microsoft Windows. Now, with Linux, users have new options. Every time I fly, the people will sit next to me, installed Linspire on my laptop is very interested in asking questions of. I did a brief presentation, they want to try Linspire.

13) Linux was the main force that?

Linux cheaper than Windows, stability, security. But it is accessible prices to win customers favor the main reason. But the ultimate decisive factor is not price, users will find that Linux used the magic of the future.

14) You think that Linspire and GNU / Linux in the next two to five years ahead?

Linux desktop will be achieved within two years of development in the critical point, in five years will account for 10% of the market.

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