Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tear down the horse-tert-break "AION" Legend of the strongest NPC

Mozu the most fulfilling thing most worthy of showing off what? Away all Ou Bisi fortress, pulling down the captain or trampled to death chiefs? NO, OUT of those already. Now whenever there is ambition there is new blood in the Mozu goal is - Down with Maximus!

Who is Maximus?

Maximus is the day within the village, ethnic 鍥犵壒灏旇拏鍗″挨 Prosi grocery store business, a lackluster look of the NPC, a twinkling of an eye to see how many times can forget the face. However, after the village butcher Mozu was surprised to find many, Wow, this is actually a hidden Boss!!

Allegedly Mozu have been mobilized over the preparation of the four full-class troops to push Maximus, Maximus one all the results are overturned. And horse-tert-than in the past played a world-class Boss is simply a vegetable! So Ma Shucheng the Mozu the broken heart, tear down the whole Mozu Ma Shucheng a long time since Final Fantasy.

As we all know, the blood of NPC Aion Article icon divided into normal, elite, heroic, epic four grades, from the blood shall accurately determine the icon is usually the strength of the NPC. Article icon in the blood of the general NPC over the first three. As a grocery store merchant Maximus clearly belongs to ordinary kind, but why Mozuqingli out failed to overthrow him?

According to the credibility of the "?" The grapevine said the true identity of Uncle Ma most likely days ago Rentian Jun clan chief, and later because of unknown reasons, the horse retired hermit uncle pastoral, in Yinteerdi Card Youpuluoxi start small trading within the village.

Tert-depth engagement with Ma

Uncle to tear down the horse, it is necessary to understand the depth of his combat effectiveness. Tert-known horses have five skills:

Huyou: hidden strength to fight their rivals to lure the purpose;

Natural Armor: combined with nature, to enhance their passive defense capabilities;

Lightning traction: how high before the unit itself to the front of traction;

Thunder Fury: 5M of its own multiple units within the crushing blow;

Pursued: tottering foe shall chase, will the uprooted.

From the skills we know, is truly a diamond in the rough horse-tert-master, we see "normal" blood level article that he "Fudge" skills to us that the false attack. The group is able to pull group to kill completely disrupt the enemy's ground, a devastating blow.

And the horse had ever Mozu tert against compatriots still lingering fear on that incident, he said, few people took an instant horse dragged Uncle before the tragic death of an instant 45 Magic Way, was affected by the guardian would like to sing although not by spike , but one-third of the blood space. Ma uncle does not know how many defense and HP, were concentrated artillery bombardment, had survived.

Since then, the day was Mozu NPC clan known as the "grocery Superman" Ma Shu. Uncle customized for the horse knocked Raiders are still being studied so far, because no matter how careful can not be overcome with the name of the day before yesterday that the military commander. Perhaps in the future Aion open higher level, Mozu be possible to tear down the Ma Shu, windy 鍥犵壒灏旇拏鍗?

Days, the strongest guardian of the family

Mozu nightmare Ma Shu, on the day of family in terms of a sense of security is the most powerful guardian. He was silent inside, and never make the shot, only days before his compatriots by the enemy clan attacked before he drew his sword assistance. His determination and strong, is the day of ethnic pride, is the day the military guardians goal.


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