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Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 Collection 19 novice typing results

Popular titles ending subtitles there is a typing effect. DV film in order to highlight some of the background or explanation at the end, the subtitles will use typed effect.

This would explain the effect of the production process of typing.

There are two basic methods of typing results. One is the form of pull-screen, subtitles from the direction of writing quickly shown that this method is usually multi-line subtitles. Another is stressing each syllable to every word out of the effect of this method high degree of verisimilitude, much like the real typing results. Disadvantage is the complexity of production, usually small in number of words results in the single title.

Multi-line subtitling

Create a new project file VEGAS, establishing seven video tracks and one audio track. Audio tracks to put background music, can change as needed. The following diagram is produced after completion of the multi-line subtitles video track diagram.

Video track 1: Using a plain black mask on the subtitles in the overall multi-layer transparent fade settings.

Video track 2 to 5: multi-line typing results, typing each line occupied by a video track, 4 lines occupy four video tracks.

Video track 6 ~ 7: in the previous section introduced the practice of the dynamic flame generated by the dynamic wave. Using the picture-rail wave concentrated expression of the mask to the central part of the screen.

Audio track 8: Background Music.

This section focuses on the effect of multi-type production line subtitles. First, drag the video track 2, a transparent subtitles. Then enter the multi-line subtitles. The end of each line press the Enter to begin a new line. Set the font and size, while watching the preview window, pay attention to output.

Subtitle set. Copy this multi-line captions to the video track 3,4,5. Behind the form by dragging the mouse to adjust the playing time has subtitles.

Back to the video track 2, subtitling to. Subtitles in the video track 2, click on EVENT PAN / CROP button. Open subtitles EVENT PAN / CROP Properties Settings dialog box. As shown below.


Marked as a part of the MATION ASPECT RATIO and STRETCH TO FILL FRAME deselect the previous selection box. Select box to remove the original marker. CTRIL + ALT and then press and hold the mouse while dragging the edge of the screen properties as shown in Plate 2. At this point shows that the first line box align subtitles the first word. But this time the preview screen there should be no subtitles. Then the first line of subtitles is expected to fully display the time point double-click the timeline. As shown in Figure 3. Add a key frame control point. Right-click the new key frame. Key frame in this tag appears in a concentric diamond-shaped small diamond. At this time choose to edit the key frame points above. While holding down the CTRIL + ALT Drag the edge to the first line of the subtitle display full display. As shown below.

Results show that the first line of this production finished typing. The second line to the fourth line production method of the same title. Display position is adjusted to increase the key frame, then adjust the display position. Such lines of text are displayed from left to right. 3,4,5 video track while the display time for each line of text starting points are staggered backward. This title is a line by line to ensure the show, rather than each line captions are also displayed.

Simple talk about the background to make way typing subtitles. In accordance with the method described in the previous section to generate a dynamic wave effect. Select color wave blue tones. Placed in the video track 7. 6 to place a video track elliptical transparent mask. Press the video track 7 button front mask synthesis, video picture-rail track formation mask 6,7 relationship. In the instance of the screen can be seen in the middle of flashing the Mountain of Mountain of waves.

Thus multiple lines of typing results produced subtitles. Subtitle the reasonable control of the display time for each line, showing very good results.

Single real effect of the fine production of typing

Project in VEGAS add a video track and one audio track. Need to use a previously prepared the WAV file type button. VEGAS can import a lot of audio file formats, WMA, MP3 and so on can be directly imported to use.

In the video track titles to add a transparent, open captioning content regulation properties (that is, the contents of the Properties dialog box enter the title)

In the time line in accordance with the standard number of words and add the key frame points (double-click the mouse on the timeline), the first keyframe blank key frame from the second start typing subtitles content. Enter a word every time, so that the entire key frame to the last line of subtitles input end. Drag the mouse around the control point for each key frame can be adjusted, "typing speed." Then pull the mouse in the time line of a rectangle to select all of the key frame control point. Press the right mouse button, select the right menu of "HOLD" transitional forms. At this point all critical control points into a brown frame. That way the transition has changed. Close the Properties dialog box. This type of video effect has completed.

The typing results for the complete video section, the typing copy audio files in many copies of the timeline. And enter the number exactly the same number of characters. According to the preview window and then typing results generated at the time of each character into a typing sound. Sound a little earlier than the video display, but can not be delayed. After this fine adjustment after typing audio and video display on a close match up. In order to adjust the time to see, you can pull the time line following the mouse sliding adjustment block edge, enlarge the time line of the smallest display units. Can show to a minimum of time. Sufficient to meet the needs of any precise time positioning.

Fine typing results thus completed.

To edit the luminescence in the future misuse affects audio effects, audio line in all of the audio material is selected and then lock the material. This is done, click on the audio track first audio material. Press the right, select the SELECT EVENTS TO END option. This material after all the tracks have been selected. Then again press the right mouse button, select the switch in the LOCK SWITCHES options. This track can lock all the material. For the same video track operation.

Such results have produced two kinds of typing. Actually editors can select as a way to make.

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