Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 Cheats bit through (c)

Second, powerful Web image creation

Read the Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 compelling look after you already gearing up to try it out? (It is this quest for knowledge of the feeling ah), but Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 can be described as pregnant with a lot of stunts, which first introduced an organization called a gum tree leaf in autumn, Oh, as a network graphics processing software, or talk about it a powerful Web graphics production capabilities it.

Using Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0 image production function, can be:

1. Accurate image segmentation - segmentation tools used to create complex tables.

2. Cell image replacement - easy to merge still images and animation.

3. The background color and images - for a cell or table background color or image specified.

4. Animation Control - change the animation settings.

1.WEB image segmentation

Your web page placed large image, the image segmentation is usually a large image into multiple parts for easy way. This might not make these images to download faster (and possibly counter-productive, to be controversial), but can easily display the scene. In fact, the smaller the image block is usually the first show, so you can quickly make a little preview of the image (or at least part of the image), is clearly better than just a large image. The advantage is also the location specified in the image created on mouseover (mouseovers means that when the mouse over the image occurs when the corresponding events). Using Ulead SmartSaver Pro 3.0, both the static image, or animated GIF images can be easily cut accurately.

The following to create a hotspot introduced the winners of pictures, click the picture on behalf of some of the winners of the location can be introduced into the appropriate details page.

The first: to be cut open an image.

Second: Click the Workspace tab in the cutting mode button (or press F3 shortcut) to switch to the cutting mode.

Figure 004: Image cutting mode

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