Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dealer how to identify the manufacturer with the money trap?

Question: When manufacturers to dealers in investment bonds, dealers how to prevent cheating?

Manufacturers in product investment, in order to maintain the market order, and control the operating behavior of distributors, dealers tend to charge a certain amount of margin. In fact, manufacturers bonds can be described as common, in itself is understandable.

However, it was really there in some enterprises, the purpose of bonds misconduct:
First, the nature of a fraud, "misappropriating", manufacturers turned on after the money received completion disappeared;
Second, funds with bonds ease the pressure, increase cash flow capacity;
Third, bonds for the names, illegal financing.

Undoubtedly, this has increased the dealer industry, financial risk, then the dealer should be how to identify the manufacturer does with the money trap?
First of all distributors to carefully check the qualifications of manufacturers, including business license, tax registration certificate and other legal code run essential business documents, as well as production, health, quality and other permits, to prove the legitimacy of the existing manufacturers, and production and management of legitimacy, so that dealers can effectively prevent fraud; followed by dealers to manufacturers of investment products carefully to determine whether manufacturers play "Karate" and "night company." In three main areas: First, production site visit, a clear product for the manufacturers own production line and production conditions;
Second, whether the product for new products, whether under other brands, product names, packaging too, and ever investment or stock exchange;
Third, review of product ownership of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, etc., to prevent manufacturers to "trickery";
Dealers should carefully review the contract again, if the manufacturer is the purpose and the mentality of the normal bonds, clearly stated in the contract will be charged the standard margin, return measures and other management practices, is the annual return of the normal margin, and charge a certain standard ( In terms of the percentage of purchase amount), while the dealer is indeed a breach of contract operations, such as cross-selling (ie FALSIFYING), you can button up to punish efforts to increase, but not the button up to punish margin up all sorts of names.

From the terms of the contract, the most easily read out the cooperation of manufacturers sincerity and "take the money of the Road", and terms of the contract bond dealers whether reasonable or not it is signed and pay the deposit to the key.

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